We build mobile applications that provide the tools and content that
advances the relationship with your audience.


A few nice things people said about us…

Whole Magazine

“I am beyond impressed with how Jonathan worked with us. He did an impeccable job and we look forward to continuing to work with him in other projects. After comparing prices with other app developers, no one offered Jonathan’s prices or his wonderful customer service. He kept us in the loop the entire time through the developing process. Our website has been blocked in different parts of the world, because of our faith-based content. Now with our app, every woman can be a part of our community, and we love that Dream Casters helped us make this happen! Thank you, Jonathan, for helping us impact the lives of women everywhere!” Carmen Miller, Founder Whole Magazine

Unashamed Impact

“Creativity is a talent that comes naturally to Jonathan gifting him and his team with the constant ability to be solution oriented and think outside of the box. When they put their mind to a task or project there really is no stopping them. The Dream Casters team is determined and passionate, taking pride in everything they do, going above and beyond what’s expected of them.”¬†Brittney Moses, Founder Unashamed Impact

Premium App Design 

Market: Churches, Ministries, Bloggers, Restaurants,
Radio Stations & the like.

We offer the following features:

  • Content management system (create articles, podcasts, galleries, ect)
  • Target your users with push notifications
  • Import articles from 10+ sources
  • Events section
  • Display your videos or vlog
  • Archive your podcasts
  • Embed Twitter and Facebook accounts directly into app
  • Photos section
  • Custom Built Pages (about, info, etc.)
  • Dynamic forms (contact, surveys, questionnaires)
  • User favorites section and content download
  • Use your app as your website with the HTML5 web version
  • User login and authentication
  • Live stream your radio station or church service
  • Monetize your app by selling your products
  • Social networking and user messaging